DJ ARTS AND CRAFTS is accessible to everyone in India, we try our hardest to deliver to our customers a memorable purchasing experience. Therefore, we make sure to deliver what we promise, with no random images of product taken from the internet or any other shady source. The product shown will be the product delivered, What’s shown is what’s given.

  • Best Deals On Every Products
  • We are available 24*7 online to serve you.
  • Secured payment gateway with various options like UPI, Wallets, Debit/Credit Card, Internet banking.
  • we make memories unforgettable for any occasion.
  • Its 4-8 days standard delivery time.

My Journey 

It all started when I was scrolling through the feed of Facebook. I came across an amazing page which deals with quilling. That sparked a rush of ideas, questions and excitement which made me finally what I am now.

No story is complete without friends. We all have those stories and memories which include friends, how they backed us and helped grow as a person right? Well, even my journey was kick-started with the help of my friends. I started doing crafts for my friends and then their friends.
With my friend circle improved my business and with my business increased the friend circle.

My special memory which I always cherish, where I made gifts and presented to the faculty at our college on new year, 2017. The happiness I attained that day, no one can take that from me.

With that confidence, I never looked back again. My list of products has increased from quilling to explosion boxes, scrapbooks, handmade crafts and finally with dealing with all these products before you.

The intention has always been to satisfy the customer’s expectations for my products and I was never reluctant to refund if the customer was not satisfied with our products. This has brought me a long way, I genuinely care for the expectations of customers, because they are the fuel for for my burning Passion.

The only thing that motivates me to work for continuous hours, skip my college (haha) or deliver the best product possible to you is that I can finally meet your expectations and grow.

In the memory of my grandparents, I donate 5% of my profit on each Product to a charity.Any profit I earn is because of you and I am grateful to you all for that.


Contacting us

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